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Creative Proteomics is the world's leading independent biotechnology company, and the ultra-high-precision and comprehensive technology platforms we have established enable us to provide high-quality services and solutions for scientists studying various molecular interactions around the world.

Since the establishment of the company, we have provided testing, screening, verification, development and other services to tens of thousands of scientists from different countries, and we can also provide novel research directions according to their needs.

Creative Proteomics has a large number of PhD-level technicians and professional teams in various fields, all of whom have more than 20 years of research experience in their respective fields. Our advanced development concept and broad vision have created our systematic and all-round technology platforms. On our platforms, you can do almost any research you are interested in.

Creative Proteomics is committed to the research and application of molecular interactions in biology and other disciplines, to explore the mysteries of the microcosm with the highest standards. Our ultimate goal is to provide high-satisfaction assistance to customers who have research needs in molecular interaction and related fields, and save time, energy and money while providing perfect data.

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Creative Proteomics is a well-known and influential biotechnology company in the world. We have provided high-quality services to tens of thousands of laboratories or universities. Our professionalism and dedication have won us a lot of praise.
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