About Us

Who are we

Creative Proteomics is an international biotechnology company. We organized a large number of experienced technicians and a lot of money was spent to build a series of high-end technology platforms. Today, our company is expanding and has attracted numerous customers and partners, and our reliable scientific research assistance has won us unanimous praise.

Why choose us

Creative Proteomics is a biotechnology company focused on studying the interaction of biomolecules, the technology platforms we have established can detect, analyze and verify the interaction of various molecules and cells. Our team includes experts in molecular cell biology, virology, immunology and other fields, which can help customers solve project problems or develop new research directions in all aspects.

Our service philosophy

We uphold the principle of always being customer-oriented, and do our best to save time, money and energy for customers. Efficient and cost-effective are our principles, the entire service package will not be subcontracted and the whole process can be traced.

"Creative Proteomics is a reliable partner, this is the third time I have worked with them."

"They have extremely systematic and comprehensive technology platforms, and the data obtained each time has a high degree of accuracy."

"I like to cooperate with companies with high efficiency and thoughtful after-sales service, and Creative Proteomics is such a company."

Great Minds Choose Creative Proteomics