Virus-Host Interaction Analysis


Virus-Host Interactions

Viruses are still the main cause of global diseases such as acute and chronic infections. In addition to increasing mortality and morbidity, they will also cause significant economic impacts. Viruses and their hosts have co-evolved for millions of years. The interaction between them is a complex scientific problem that occurs at multiple levels of molecules, cells, and organisms, and the study of these interactions can provide very important insights into virology. Because viruses are intracellular parasites, they rely on host cells for energy, and macromolecular synthesis machines and workbenches perform genome replication and particle assembly. The damage to host cells by these processes may be one of the main factors that viruses cause diseases. Therefore, studying the interaction between the virus and the host is essential for understanding the disease state and the development of next-generation treatment methods.



  • Comprehensive and systematic analysis services
  • Upgraded technology platform
  • High throughput and high sensitivity
  • Experimental guidance provided by experienced experts
  • Tailored experimental program

The study of virus-host interactions can greatly help us explore virology. Creative Proteomics recruited a strong team of experts in virology and established an advanced technology platform, in which we can perform both ex situ and in situ virus-host interaction analysis experiments, and our experts can also provide customized services as needed. We are honored to be your competent research assistant.


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