Proximity-dependent Biotin Identification (BioID) Service


Many methods for studying protein-protein interactions usually fail to capture low-affinity interactions, and after cell lysis and protein complex purification, some interactions have disappeared, which has caused difficulties for researchers. At present, Proximity-dependent biotin identification (BioID) has become a powerful tool for identifying candidate protein-protein interactions in living cells. This method uses a promiscuous biotin ligase fused with the target protein to covalently biotin label the protein, and capture and identify the interacting and neighboring proteins without keeping the protein complex intact. Compared with other technologies, BioID allows the detection of transient and weak interactions in a specific biological environment within a specific time.

Schematic of BioID protein purificationFigure 1. Schematic of BioID protein purification (Batsios, P.; et al. 2016)


Creative Proteomics has established a stable and advanced BioID technology platform, aiming to provide accurate and efficient protein-protein interaction determination services for scientific researchers all over the world. Our platform is composed of a large number of sophisticated instruments and well-trained technicians to provide guarantees for customers' experimental results. The experimental process of BioID in our platform is as follows:

Workflow of BioID in Creative Proteomics - Creative ProteomicsFigure 2. Workflow of BioID in Creative Proteomics - Creative Proteomics

Customers can choose different technology platforms according to project requirements, or contact us directly for consultation, and our expert team will provide you with customized experimental procedures.


  • Able to effectively monitor weak or transient interactions in vivo
  • Able to study the structure of soluble or inaccessible proteins
  • Provide valid kinetic data
  • Low false positive rate, most non-specific binding can be eliminated by washing with harsh detergents
  • Short experiment period

Creative Proteomics is an international biotechnology company dedicated to the study of intermolecular interactions and other related fields. We have established an advanced proximity-dependent biotin identification (BioID) technology platform to help customers more accurately study protein-protein interactions. Our one-stop service is designed to save customers time and money.


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* This service is for RESEARCH USE ONLY, not intended for any clinical use.