Protein-Small Molecule Interaction Analysis


Small molecules in cells not only act as essential substrates and products of biochemical reactions, but they can also adjust protein functions by binding to proteins to change their structure, such as cyclic nucleotides, plant hormones, steroid hormones, and vitamins, etc. are all small molecular metabolites with important regulatory effects.

Although protein-small molecule interactions (PSMIs) are very important, compared with other types of interactions, research on them has been slightly behind. We have a better understanding of proteins in organisms, but we have little understanding of small molecule metabolites and the interaction between proteins and small molecules. At present, Creative Proteomics has established a high-throughput platform by integrating various resources to reveal many still unknown protein-small molecule interactions. These interactions may have a profound impact on our understanding of cell signals, at a deeper level, these interactions can be used as a new target for medical intervention and drug development.

Protein-small molecules are the second largest group of all theoretical molecular interactions in yeastFig 1. Protein-small molecules are the second largest group of all theoretical molecular interactions in yeast (Li, X.Y.; et al. 2012)


Creative Proteomics combines biological methods with synthetic chemistry and analytical chemistry to form a unique and all-round protein-small molecule interaction technology platform, which aims to promote basic research, medical applications and new technologies development on protein-small molecule interactions. Our platform includes but is not limited to the following methods. In order to be more intuitive, we divide these methods into two categories: small molecule to protein strategy and protein to small molecule strategy.

Customers can choose a certain technology according to the needs of the project, or contact us directly for consultation, and our expert team will provide you with a customized experimental program.


  • Protein-small molecule interaction research
  • Discovery of unknown protein-small molecule interactions
  • Study on the function of small molecule metabolites
  • Cell signal regulation research
  • New drug development 


  • Combination of biology and chemistry
  • Strong affinity, low background noise
  • Experienced team of experts
  • Data can be directly used for article publication
  • Cost-effective

As the research on the interaction of proteins and small molecule metabolites has received more and more attention, Creative Proteomics has established an excellent technology platform in combination with multidisciplinary to systematically study the interactions. In our platform, customers can get strong technical support, as well as obtaining novel research topics through consultation. We are honored to be your competent research assistant.


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