Phage Display Service


Phage display is a powerful in vitro screening technology and one of the most effective molecular diversity techniques. The technology is based on the direct linkage between the phage phenotype and its encapsulated genotype so that the molecular library is displayed on the surface of the phage. This technology can screen libraries with more than one billion members in just a few days, providing an effective alternative to traditional epitope mapping, molecular interaction, and receptor/ligand identification, etc.

Phage display is widely used to study protein-ligand interactions and receptor binding sites, as well as to improve or modify the affinity of proteins for their binding partners. Phages have been used in immunotherapy, which has greatly promoted the development of new tools for the treatment of autoimmune and cancer diseases.

Several different phagesFigure 1. Several different phages (Konthur, Z.; et al. 2006)


In order to meet the needs of customers, Creative Proteomics has developed a validated phage display platform, which is managed by professional molecular biology experts and supported by a large number of PhD-level senior technicians. We are a multi-disciplinary and multi-directional team to ensure that we can provide customers with comprehensive and professional suggestions and solutions. We can provide high-throughput, high-quality phage display library construction and customized phage display library screening services, and work with customers to face new opportunities in molecular interaction, immunotherapy, and drug discovery, etc.

Workflow of phage display technology - Creative ProteomicsFigure 2. The workflow of phage display technology - Creative Proteomics

Customers can choose different technology platforms according to project requirements, or contact us directly for consultation, and our expert team will provide you with customized experimental procedures.


  • Stable and reliable immune library construction technology
  • A variety of fast and reliable candidate antibody screening and identification technologies
  • Short experiment period
  • Combination of multiple related platforms


  • Antibody discovery
  • Antibody engineering
  • Drug development
  • Molecular interaction studies
  • Receptor/Ligand identification

Creative Proteomics is an international biotechnology company dedicated to the study of intermolecular interactions and other related fields. We have established many powerful technology platforms, such as phage display platforms, and formed a team of multi-disciplinary technical personnel to ensure that we can provide customers with scientific research services in an efficient, accurate and time-saving manner.


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* This service is for RESEARCH USE ONLY, not intended for any clinical use.