Technical Services


As a trusted contract research organization, Creative Proteomics focuses on studying the interactions between various molecules, helping customers to understand biology, medicine, and materials science at a deeper level. At present, we have accumulated nearly 20 years of experience in this field, with experienced scientists and various world-class technology platforms. In addition to technical services, we can also provide customers with solutions to support you in the discovery and development of molecular interactions.

With our abundant laboratory capabilities, Creative Proteomics provides our customers with numerous advanced and powerful technology platforms to study the interactions between various substances, including proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, graphene, lipids, and small molecules drugs, etc. In addition, we have recruited a large number of interdisciplinary scientists to manage our technology platform. Our reliable, efficient, and excellent technology platforms have won us countless praises internationally.


Our Services

We provide many advanced and highly accurate technology platforms to help customers study molecular interactions, including but not limited to:

Biomolecule Interaction General Technology

Protein-Protein Interaction Analysis

Protein-DNA Interactions

Protein-RNA Interactions

Protein-Lipid lnteractions

Protein-Small Molecule lnteraction Analysis

Other Protein Interactions Platform

Nucleic Acid Interaction

Customers can choose a certain technology according to the needs of the project, or contact us directly for consultation, and our expert team will provide you with a customized experimental program.

Why Choose Us?

Precision and Accuracy: Our platform offers unparalleled precision and accuracy in studying molecular interactions, ensuring reliable and reproducible results.

Versatility: With a diverse range of techniques and methodologies, our platform is versatile and adaptable to various research needs across different biological systems.

Efficiency: Through high-throughput screening and advanced analytical techniques, we enable efficient data collection and analysis, saving both time and resources.

Insightful Analysis: Our platform provides insightful analysis of molecular interactions, empowering researchers with valuable insights into biological processes and pathways.

Collaborative Opportunities: We welcome collaboration and partnership opportunities to further advance research in molecular interaction analysis and drive scientific discovery.

Creative Proteomics is an international company with rich experience and numerous successful cases in molecular interaction analysis. The services we provide are subject to strict quality control, and our advanced technology platform will be upgraded in time. We are honored to be your competent research assistant.

* This service is for RESEARCH USE ONLY, not intended for any clinical use.