Protein-Lipid Interactions

Protein-Lipid Interactions


The interaction between protein and lipid is one of the foundations of various life phenomena in cells and is essential for advanced regulation in numerous cell signaling pathways. The interaction between lipids and various proteins may affect such things as inflammation, metabolism, blood pressure and other physiological processes. Abnormalities in this process can lead to many diseases, such as cancer, inflammation, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Lipids also interact with membrane proteins to have a profound impact on the structure and function of membrane proteins, so they are very important in drug development because more than 60% of drug targets are located on cell membranes. Therefore, mapping the complete network of lipid-protein interactions in cells may reveal new ways of signal transduction, unlock the pathogenesis of diseases, and develop new drugs. The research method of the interaction between the two and the mechanism of the interaction have always been one of the hot spots in biochemical research.

Protein-lipid interactionsFig 1. Protein-lipid interactions (Islam, Z.; et al. 2019)


There are many characterization tools in Creative Proteomics protein-lipid interaction technology platform. X-ray crystallography has been widely used to define the structure of protein-lipid complexes and identify the binding interface. Other methods that can measure lipid-protein interactions include solid-state and solution-state NMR spectroscopy and electron spin resonance (ESR). We also provide native mass spectrometry (native MS), when proteins are transferred from solution to gas phase, intra- and intermolecular non-covalent binding interactions are maintained. This method can also be used to study lipids tightly bound to membrane proteins and is usually used in combination with lipidomics methods. Our researchers will further link molecular dynamics (MDs) and functional assays to strictly define protein-lipid interactions.

Customers can choose a certain technology according to the needs of the project, or contact us directly for consultation, and our expert team will provide you with a customized experimental program.


  • Protein-lipid interaction research
  • Drug target research
  • Signal transduction research
  • Research on disease occurrence and progression
  • Drug discovery and development


  • High resolution and high accuracy 
  • High-throughput
  • Professional lipid and protein experts
  • Data can be directly used for article publication
  • Multiple technologies to choose from

The protein-lipid interaction research platform established by Creative Proteomics contains a large number of tools that can be used to analyze the interaction between lipids and various proteins, which can help customers study the characteristics of the interaction in all aspects, and further explore the important role of lipid-protein interaction for organisms. We are honored to be your competent research assistant.


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