X-ray Crystallography

X-ray Crystallography


X-ray crystallography is a technology that uses the scattering effect of electrons on X-rays to obtain the distribution of electron density in the crystal and then analyzes to obtain information about atomic positions and chemical bonds (crystal structure). X-ray crystallography has promoted the development of science to more complex and challenging fields, which is largely due to the latest developments in diffraction instruments and technologies. When using X-ray crystallography to determine the high-resolution structure, there is almost no size limitation on the sample. Small molecules as well as huge polymer complexes (such as viruses) can be studied by this technology. This versatility has made crystallography widely used in the study of biological processes such as molecular interactions and application fields such as drug development.

Workflow for using X-ray crystallography to study protein-protein interactions - Creative ProteomicsFigure 1. The workflow for using X-ray crystallography to study protein-protein interactions - Creative Proteomics


Creative Proteomics' X-ray diffraction suite is a research technology platform that can provide scientists around the world with advanced and efficient X-ray diffraction services, mainly for biology, chemistry, and materials research. The platform is managed by professional crystallography experts in Creative Proteomics and supported by a large number of PhD-level senior technicians. Our team has multi-disciplinary expertise and can provide suggestions and solutions for customers' projects. 

Advanced equipment and instruments for crystallization and crystallographic data collection of small molecules and large molecules are provided in our platform. The equipment is divided into two modules according to its functions, namely the crystallization module and the diffraction module (Table 1). Our platform is equipped with a full set of advanced facilities such as liquid handling robot, crystallization robot, X-ray diffractometer, imagers, etc., which can complete various high-precision experiments.

Part of the facilities and instrumentation in Creative Proteomics' X-ray diffraction platform - Creative ProteomicsTable 1. Part of the facilities and instrumentation in Creative Proteomics' X-ray diffraction platform - Creative Proteomics

Customers can choose different technologies and equipment according to project requirements, or contact us directly for consultation, and our expert team will provide you with customized experimental procedures.


  • Molecular three-dimensional structure research
  • Different molecular interaction studies
  • Drug development
  • New material development
  • Phase identification

Creative Proteomics is an international biotechnology company dedicated to the study of intermolecular interactions and other related fields. We have established many powerful technology platforms, and with our professional technology and rich experience, we can provide customers with efficient and accurate X-ray diffraction-related services to ensure that customers can save time and money to complete the project.


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