Protein-Related Interaction Analysis


Protein-Related Interactions

The interaction and recognition between proteins and other molecules is the frontier and hotspot of life science research in the 21st century. Various important physiological processes in cells, such as gene replication, transcription, translation, cell cycle regulation, signal transduction, immune regulation, cell differentiation and death, are all carried out by the interactions between proteins and other molecules. In order to help customers comprehensively study the interactions of proteins and proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, carbohydrates, small molecule compounds, etc., Creative Proteomics combines commonly used biochemical methods with biological information tools, algorithms, software, databases to form advanced and efficient technology platforms. In these platforms, customers can comprehensively and systematically study the projects they are interested in, and we can also provide cutting-edge and popular research directions as needed.

Our Services


  • Combination of experimental method and calculation method
  • Powerful technology platforms, experienced technicians
  • High precision and high-throughput
  • Data can be directly used for article publication
  • Ability to perform interaction analysis between multiple types of molecules
  • Cost-effective

Creative Proteomics is an international company with extensive experience and a large number of successful cases in the field of molecular interaction analysis. The services we provide are subject to strict quality control, and our technology platforms will be upgraded in time. We are honored to be your competent research assistant.


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