Flow Cytometry Service


Flow cytometry is a technology based on laser analysis and sorting of cells. This technology uses a laser light source to generate scattering and fluorescent signals, and a detector such as photodiodes or photomultiplier tubes reads these signals. These signals are then converted into electronic signals and analyzed by a computer. According to their fluorescence or light scattering properties, the particles, molecules or cells can be individually quantified and qualitatively characterized. It can also perform cell sorting, that is, physically separate specific subpopulations from a heterogeneous population.

Flow cytometry has become a powerful research tool and has been well applied in molecular biology, immunology, bacteriology, virology, and cancer biology. In the past 30 years, this technology has made tremendous progress, providing unprecedented details for research in various biological fields.

Principle of flow cytometric analysis Figure 1. Principle of flow cytometric analysis (Menon, V.; et al. 2014)


In order to provide professional flow cytometry related services to researchers and collaborators all over the world, Creative Proteomics has established a powerful flow cytometry technology platform. This platform has the most advanced equipment and software for cell sorting and analysis, including sorters (BD Aria 2 and BD ARIA3 Fusion) and analysers (CyAn ADP LX7 and BD Symphony), which have more than 15 fluorescence parameters to characterize and separate the elements present in the sample, imaging mass cytometry, and rare cell isolation, etc. All instruments are operated by well-trained operators to ensure sorting while ensuring high performance and high sensitivity.

The workflow of flow cytometry in Creative Proteomics - Creative ProteomicsFigure 2. The workflow of flow cytometry in Creative Proteomics - Creative Proteomics

Customers can choose different technology platforms according to project requirements, or contact us directly for consultation, and our expert team will provide you with customized experimental procedures.


  • Accept multiple types of tissues and cell lines
  • Provide tissue dissociation treatment
  • Multiple sorting modes to meet the research needs of different types of single cells
  • High precision, fully automated calibration
  • Short experiment period


  • Cell-cell interaction studies
  • Identification of cell subtypes
  • Characterization of the cell cycle
  • Cell sorting
  • Early diagnosis of disease

Creative Proteomics is an international biotechnology company dedicated to the study of intermolecular interactions and other related fields. We have established an advanced flow cytometry platform to provide customers with one-stop service. Our professionalism and efficiency have won us a lot of praise in the international arena.


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* This service is for RESEARCH USE ONLY, not intended for any clinical use.